KRA Motor Vehicle Import Duty Calculator

Hallo guest! Use the form below to find out how much duty you expect to pay on importation of a second hand motor vehicle in Kenya
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What you need to know courtesy of KRA

  • Enlist the services of a clearing agent who will process the import documentation through Kenya Customs electronically on the Simba 2005 system and clear the goods on your behalf.
  • An import declaration fee (IDF) of 2.25% of the CIF Value subject to a minimum of Ksh. 5,000.00 is payable.
  • Customs will assess duty payable depending on the value of the item(s) and the duty rate applicable.
Motor vehicles of over 8 years old are not allowed into Kenya as per the KS 1515:2000 quality standard by the Kenya Bureau of Standards. Kenya Customs enforces this requirement.
  • Import Duty: 25% of the CIF value of the vehicle
  • Excise Duty: 20% of the (CIF value + Import Duty)
  • VAT: 16% of the (CIF value + Import Duty + Excise Duty)
  • IDF: 2.25% of the CIF value or Ksh. 5,000, whichever is higher, is payable.